Best Oil Additives to Keep your Engine in Great Condition

You know firsthand how essential it is to get your car’s oil changed regularly. Without it, the inner workings of your vehicle could be damaged, leading to expensive repairs that could have been easily avoided. Nonetheless, you probably don’t give much thought to the function of oil between oil changes. Oil is responsible for keeping the engine and all its parts operating correctly, so if you depend on it, you should check it and see if an oil additive could assist.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the best oil additives to keep your engine in excellent condition so that you can choose which ones will work best for your vehicle!

What exactly are engine oil additives?

The oil that circulates through your car’s engine is literally what keeps it running. It ensures that the motor’s essential internal systems continue to function normally. First and foremost, it serves as a lubricant. Powering our vehicles requires engines to work at extremely high temperatures and under tremendous pressure. Everything in the engine, from the fuel pistons to the different valves, are all working harmoniously with one another. Lubricating these moving parts will help prevent further damage or complications with your engine.

Along with the coolant, the oil helps keep the engine from overheating. It removes heat from scorching hot components by circulating it while in motion. Last but not least, it enables you to maintain a clean engine. It collects gunk and other particles and transports them to the filter. In this way, the potential for these accumulations to lead to problems in the future is mitigated. Engine oil additives, thankfully, let you improve your oil’s performance without completely replacing all of it.

Oil additives, which are also known as engine oil additives, can increase your vehicle’s efficiency and prolong the life of a motor car’s engine. An oil additive’s multitasking nature includes protecting seals and gaskets, removing buildup, and sprucing up various engine parts. Not only are they simple to incorporate into your regular oil, but they are also highly effective at preventing any unwanted noise. We highly recommend that you use only the best oil additives to stop lifter ticking and other sounds your engine shouldn’t be making.

How do I choose the right engine oil additives?

Although additives are an excellent addition to motor vehicles and truck oil, they must be weighed against a variety of criteria, and excessive amounts can be harmful rather than beneficial. For instance, sulfur compounds have anti-corrosion qualities, however, they may also lower fuel efficiency and interfere with the operation of your vehicle’s catalytic converters. An excessive amount of detergent could alter the anti-corrosion ratio of the oil. Additionally, friction-reducing additives may contain substances that could harm the catalytic converter.

Any quantity of oil can have anywhere between 5 to 30 percent additives present. How the additives interact with the oil depends on the base oil, variety of oil, viscosity, and a multitude of other variables. Some oils will function effectively in an engine, while others will not. Using the manufacturer’s recommendations as a starting point and conducting a bit of research about the topic before making a decision is an effective way to select the best motor oil for your automobile or truck. It would help if you also kept in mind that frequent oil changes and filter changes play a crucial part in preserving the longevity of your car’s engine.

Best oil additives to keep your engine in good condition

Choosing the right additive can be jarring if you are unsure on what to look for. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the best oil additives that you can purchase to improve your engine’s current condition. We will be taking a look at why these additives are highly recommended online while going through their distinct advantages and disadvantages: 

  1. Sea Foam Motor Treatment 

Sea Foam Motor Treatment can be used in the fuel and lubrication systems of gasoline, diesel, and biodiesel/ethanol blended engines. Small 2- and 4-cycle engines can only use it in the lubricating system. If your car is performing poorly due to moisture in the fuel or debris in the fuel system, Sea Foam will resolve the issue. This additive will also prevent gasoline and diesel fuel from freezing in fuel lines and extreme cold. After passing through the fuel system, Sea Foam removes carbon deposits from the combustion chamber and intake valves and lubricates the upper region of the cylinders.

Sea Foam can also assist with valve train noises and other lubrication problems, such as a clogged pickup in the pan. By adding the additive to the crankcase, it helps to cut through oil sludge and prevent further accumulation by coating the metal components. This increases oil pressure, typically eliminating valve train noises produced by inadequate top-end lubrication. As the Sea Foam performs its magic, the engine oil may become filthy; however, it eliminates debris from the oiling system.

Advantages: It can work well with a wide variety of engines as both an additive to the engine oil and an additive to the fuel.

Disadvantages: Many customers have complained about damaged or dented cans when purchasing this product online.

  1. Prolong Super Lubricants Engine Treatment / PSL11000 

The PSL11000 Engine Treatment is a top seller for Prolong Super Lubricants, a company that is well-known for their engine oil additives. The Prolong Engine Treatment, like many others, applies an anti-friction metal coating to the entire oiling system, but unlike other rival products, Prolong does not employ solid particles. Instead, friction and heat are mitigated thanks to the product’s ability to form a chemical interaction with metal surfaces.

The chemical coating on Prolong prevents it from being drained away with the motor oil when the engine is turned off. Starting a cold engine without additives exposes several internal parts to metal-on-metal contact until adequate oil pressure is reached. In the case of valve train parts, this is especially true. Before the oil is fully circulated throughout the engine, the PSL11000 Engine Treatment can add a layer of lubrication. That’s not the only benefit of the Prolong oil addition; it also helps to prevent engine wear during cold starts.

As you drive, the chemical compound in Prolong PSL11000 Engine Treatment will aid in reducing friction. Higher output and lower fuel consumption result from a more fluidly moving rotating assembly and valvetrain. And lastly, this chemical coating technique aids in keeping engines clean and free of gunk.

Advantages: It can coat everything to increase performance and durability and is one of the most recommended oil additives available online.

Disadvantages: Some people think the chlorinated paraffins cause internal engine corrosion over time.

  1. TriboTEX Nano

In contrast to the majority of oil additives available on the market, TriboTEX provides a novel and even more premium choice for one. Even though this is a compact device, it is intended for specialized applications. Initially, it can restore your engine to its former performance and reduce engine noises significantly. In addition, it may efficiently reverse bearing wear by forming a diamond-shaped carbon layer on its surface. It is also suitable for all engine oils and may be used with both older and newer engine models.

TriboTEX Nano is one of the best oil additives available on the market. It is more of a comprehensive engine treatment solution packaged in a compact tube. Since this is a premium option, applying the additive without spilling or losing any is much more crucial. TriboTEX Nano oil Additive’s nanoparticles provide the most excellent results for a variety of oil additive benefits.

Advantages: This additive is simple and safe to apply, with minimal risk of additive loss, and is universally compatible with nearly all engine oils.

Disadvantages: Known for being a costly oil additive, particularly for primary uses.

  1. Hot Shot’s Secret Original Stiction Eliminator 

Stiction refers to the static friction between two engine parts. This can be caused by metal-to-metal contact when the engine is not operating or by the increased friction caused by carbon buildup inside the engine. As the engine oil goes down while the engine is off, this is the force pushing against you when you start your automobile on a cold morning. The friction between engine components decreases both performance and fuel economy while driving. Hot Shot’s Secret Original Stiction Eliminator begins by removing any deposits from the engine of your vehicle. 

As the sludge and gunk is swept away, this component of adherence is eliminated. Next, the Stiction Eliminator coats the engine oiling system with a “carbon nano lubricant” layer that prevents metal-on-metal friction during cold starts and reduces friction during engine operation. This product is advertised to owners of diesel engines, however, it is also compatible with gasoline engines. Consequently, if it can combat the internal sludge produced by a diesel engine, it will also benefit a conventional gasoline engine.

Advantages: The engine’s performance, gas mileage, and ease of start-up are all improved, and exhaust smoke is also observed to be reduced.

Disadvantages: It may take up to 8000 kilometers to feel the full effects of the additive.

  1. Restore Engine Restorer & Lubricant

If a vehicle’s engine has a high mileage, it is likely to be less powerful than when it was brand new. Each time a piston goes up and down in the engine block, microscopic scores are created in the cylinder walls and piston rings. Over the course of one hundred thousand kilometers, these little scuffs can accumulate to become a substantial problem, lowering compression levels by up to 25 percent. This lack of compression will result in a significant drop in performance, and engine rebuilds are costly. Thankfully, Restore Engine Restorer & Lubricant can help regain a portion of this lost power.

Products from Engine Restorer & Lubricant can be utilized in high-boost situations. After traveling through the engine’s oil system, this substance heals minute scratches on all moving engine components. The product also coatings everything, thereby repairing faults and preventing further harm. In addition to enhancing performance by restoring compression levels and reducing friction, Restore Engine Restorer & Lubricant improves fuel economy and reduces oil consumption in older vehicles.

This will typically lower the quantity of exhaust smoke produced by older automobiles. There are four-, six-, and eight-cylinder versions of Restore, although we doubt there is a significant difference between them.

Advantages: Restores performance in older engines, which can help prevent any costly engine build repairs.

Disadvantages: A few purchasers have complained that the device doesn’t do its job correctly on variable-valve-timing engines.

  1. Marvel Mystery Oil

The manufacturers of Marvel Mystery Oil refer to their product as “the original oil enhancer and fuel additive,” which distinguishes it from the other items on this list. You can add Marvel Mystery Oil to nearly every automotive fluid. Marvel Mystery Oil serves a dual purpose when added to engine oil or any other lubrication circuit, including automatic transmissions and power steering systems. Marvel Mystery Oil cleans and coats components in an automatic transmission or power steering system to prevent further accumulation in lubricated areas. 

Try Marvel Mystery Oil if your power steering pump or transmission is becoming noisy. The Marvel Mystery Oil is compatible with gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, and all types of oil, but not ethanol mixes. It begins by removing sludge and other buildups from the oiling system. It then provides a layer of protection against further accumulation of the same dirt in the engine. 

By minimizing sludge and friction, this enhances performance and increases fuel efficiency. You may add Marvel Mystery Oil to your gasoline or diesel-powered fuel tank. This product cleans the fuel’s passage through the fuel system, including the injectors and carburetors. Once it enters the combustion chamber, Marvel Mystery Oil removes carbon deposits from the valves and piston face.

Advantages: It can be used to safeguard the power steering or automatic transmission when mixed with your oil or fuel.

Disadvantages: Incompatible with vehicles that use ethanol mixtures as fuel.

  1. Archoil Oil Additive / AR9100

When investigating the appropriate oil additive for your car, you are likely to discover that the majority of additives are designed for diesel engines. Since diesel engines like Ford’s Power Stroke, RAM’s Cummins, and Chevrolet’s Duramax are vulnerable to more significant internal wear and tear, several of the most popular engine oil additives are marketed to diesel engine owners. Diesel engines generated higher internal heat due to their intense firing loads and increased boost levels. However, many diesel engine oil additives are also compatible with gasoline engines.

This solution is particularly beneficial for Ford and Dodge/RAM diesel engines with sludge stiction and cold start issues. The AR9100 will eliminate engine crud, and the coating will prevent subsequent accumulation. In engines having a hydraulically actuated electronic unit injector system, this product will also assist in cleaning the injector channels. This oil additive can also be used in gearbox, differential, and power steering systems.

Archoil’s AR9100 oil Additive is one of those that works well with both gasoline and diesel. According to them, their oil additive “makes a solid boundary lubricating coating that enhances engine performance and protects them from damage.” In other words, as the additive mixes with the engine oil, it forms a thin layer across the entire lubrication system. This coating minimizes friction, which increases power output and fuel efficiency.

Advantages: This can be used on other drivetrain parts and helps with cold starts, idling problems, and overall performance.

Disadvantages: If you were to weigh out your other options, this one can seem a bit pricey when compared to its competition.

  1. Lucas Oil 10063 

This oil additive from Lucas Oil is among the most fairly priced options available today. If not the most economical alternative, the Lucas Oil 10063 is still very affordable. Even yet, the 16 oz. of oil per package is more than what many upscale brands already provide. In addition, this Oil Additive bottle has a narrow nozzle at the top, making it simple for anyone to use.

This choice is better for automobiles that don’t have to deal with the rigors of a bumpy street on a regular basis. Composed of vital chemicals like zinc and those that can withstand extremely high pressure, their use guarantees success. It can be used as an additive for your engine’s camshaft to boost performance and fuel economy.

Advantages: Not only is it one of the cheapest options on this list, but it is also very easy to use for newer buyers and has a good quantity when considering its price.

Disadvantages: This is not a safe bet for vehicles that are being used on a daily basis with long routes.

  1. Liqui Moly Cera Tec Friction Modifier

Cera Tec Friction Modifier by Liqui Moly is an anti-wear additive that is compatible with engine oil and certain manual gearbox fluids. This product utilizes ceramic compounds to cover all moving parts with a fine coating that reduces friction, enhancing performance and fuel economy. As it coats the metal components, it prevents the accumulation of sludge and gunk over time and flushes out any existing sludge when first added.

This product’s coating is resistant to pressure, thus it can be utilized in high-boost applications, such as diesel engines. It is also resistant to high heat and cold temperatures. In addition to minimizing friction, the coating in this Liqui Moly oil additive prevents metal-to-metal contact, hence reducing internal component wear and tear. It may also assist in minimizing engine noise and, under some conditions, improve engine performance.

Advantages: It helps in reducing engine damage or unwanted noises, keeps the lubricated surfaces dirt free, as well as improving power and fuel economy.

Disadvantages: It can cause your engine oil to get dirty at a much faster rate while it removes sludge and gunk.

  1. REV X High Performance Oil Additive

Another product that has found success in the realm of high-performance diesel trucks is REV X High-Performance Oil Additive, which can also be used in your gasoline-powered car, truck, or SUV. Additionally beneficial to engines, this additive can also be used in the car’s hydraulics, gearbox, and differential. There are no solid particles or acids used in REV X; instead, it uses a chemical coating to reduce friction and heat on all moving parts. Diesel truck owners experiencing issues with their hydraulic injection system should consider REV X because of its ability to reduce stiction caused by sludge accumulation. 

As a result, performance, fuel efficiency, and cold-start quality are all enhanced. Even if gasoline engines don’t face the same problems that diesel ones do, REV X can still be used to clean out the oiling system. Afterwards, the product safeguards against friction wear, even as the engine oil deteriorates with age. Lastly, REV X helps keep your engine oil fresh for longer. This product won’t extend your oil change interval beyond 3,000 miles, but it will make each oil change more protective.

Advantages: It helps in cleaning and protecting your engine for improved performance and efficiency without the use of solids or acids and also can be used on many other vehicle components other than engines.

Disadvantages: Like many great things, it will be a lot more expensive when compared to other oil additives on the market.

Bottom Line

When these specialized oil compounds are injected into your engine, your engine will be able to benefit a lot from these oil additives. An oil additive can help you save money at the pump by reducing gunk or grime in your engine, raising your oil pressure, and enhancing your engine’s efficiency. Due to this, you need to give some thought to the oil additive you intend to use in your engine and whether or not it is the best option. The effectiveness, quantity, compatibility with the engine oil, and application scope of an oil additive are among the most important considerations when selecting the right one for your vehicle. If you are still having a hard time choosing which oil additive you need, then The Automotive Men are more than happy to help you look! Feel free to check out our other blog posts so you can narrow down your options and ensure you maintain your engine.


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