Step by Step Guide on How To Replace Spark Plugs

Do you know what to do if you need to replace your spark plugs?

Replacing your spark plugs is pretty easy if you have a good grasp of the things that you need to do.

To make a more responsible driver out of you, we offer you a comprehensive post that can completely tackle everything that you need when it comes to replacing spark plugs.

You will not be an expert mechanic after reading it, but you will definitely be equipped with all the essential information when it comes to replacing spark plugs.

What are spark plugs for?

Spark plugs are extremely essential in running your car.

It is that part of the engine that ignite the cylinder to proceed with a fuel-air mixture.

When it ignites, pistons get triggered. It is this very trigger and ignition that makes your car start.

If your spark plugs don’t create the solid amount of spark necessary to ignite movement, your car will experience a misfire.

This is when your car’s air-fuel mixture blows out through the exhaust pipe. Experiencing a misfire is the most common sign that your spark plugs need to be replaced already.

Where are spark plugs located?

Different cars have different placements for spark plugs.

But one thing is for sure, spark plugs are always placed above your car’s cylinder combustion chamber.

Hence, to look for it easily in any car model, you just have to look for the cylinder combustion chamber.

How many spark plugs are there in your car?

The number of spark plugs you have will depend on the number of cylinders in your car.

If your car has an inline 4 or V4 engine, you will have four cylinders.

Each cylinder will have one spark plug so you will have a total of four spark plugs.

Some cars have a dual spark system that requires two spark plugs per cylinder.

Most Japanese cars with dual ignition have this mechanism. 


Now that you have a general understanding of what spark plugs are, their importance, where they are placed, and how many a car would usually need, it would be significantly easier for you to follow this step by step guide on replacing spark plugs.

If your car has a v-engine, it can be trickier to get hold of the spark plug.

However, the principles in replacing spark plugs remain the same across all kinds of engines and car models. 

Step 1: 

Determine the parts that are over your ignition coils or ignition cables. Upon determination, remove them carefully.

Step 2: 

You then carefully remove the ignition coils or ignition cables.

Step 3: 

Upon removal of the ignition coils or ignition cables, you can then remove the spark plug.

Step 4: 

Upon removal, check the spark plug. Check if you removed the right spark plug. Take note of its length. It should not be overly long as such can damage your pistons.

Step 5: 

Get a lube and spray it at the threads on the spark plug. Tighten the spark plug with a solid torque. (Usually ~15-20 nm)

Step 6: 

Once done, carefully refit the ignition coils or ignition cables and all other parts that were removed earlier. 

What spark plugs are the best in the market?

If you have enough budget and there are variants offered for your car engine, you should opt for platinum or iridium spark plugs.

Platinum and iridium spark plugs have good sparks.

They are also the most durable among offered spark plugs in the market.

Don’t choose cheap spark plugs because affordable ones will end up damaging your ignition cables and ignition coils after some time.

Cheap ones also tend to split.

Your pistons and valves will get damages if your spark plugs will split.

Such will cause thousands of dollars in repair fees.

How long do spark plugs last?

Regular spark plugs can last up to four years while iridium and platinum spark plugs can last up to six years.

How much will it cost to replace spark plugs?

It will all depend on the number of spark plugs you need to replace.

If your car has a V6 engine and it has a regular spark that costs $10 each, you will have to spend $60 if you need to replace all spark plugs.

When it comes to the service fees, you should prepare $50 – $150. This rate applies to almost all car models.

HOT TIPS: Things to Consider When Buying Spark Plugs

When looking for new spark plugs, do consider our insider tips from car experts:

  • You should look for NGK or Bosch spark plugs if you want ones with premium quality.
  • Prioritize looking for platinum or iridium spark plugs for better car performance.
  • Bring your removed spark plug with you when buying a new one to easily get a precise replacement.
  • You will probably need to prepare as much as $500 if your car has a specialized and unique engine.
  • Always check your spark plug’s length before placement.
  • Spark plugs often wear out even before their recommended time. Premium ones last longer than expected.


With our step by step guide and insider tips, we’re sure that it would now be easier for you to deal with any spark plug concern.

If you need replacement and you can afford to not save, please opt for premium spark plugs made of platinum or iridium as they will not put your car engine at risk. 


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