Supertech Oil: Who Makes It And Is It Any Good?

Every car owner is aware of the importance of oil for a vehicle. Maintaining the car’s mechanical components with adequate lubrication keeps them in good working order and extends their life span. This is why we are here to talk about Supertech Oil, an excellent oil to get the most outstanding performance out of your vehicle. Using Supertech Oil can help you get the most out of your car. The makers of this motor oil stand behind the product’s quality. This 100% synthetic formula can protect engines from ice-cold seasons to scorching conditions.

We’re here to clear up any misunderstandings you may have had regarding the makers of Supertech, and we hope you’ll join us. In this article, we will be going over who makes Supertech Oil and if it is any good.

Who exactly makes Supertech Oil?

Supertech is regarded as one of the most trustworthy brands in today’s oil market. Warren Oil Company International is one of the manufacturers that produce this oil. William K. Warren, a Tennessean, founded the corporation during the oil boom of the twentieth century. Propane and natural gasoline were Warren Petroleum’s primary products by the 1950s.

For agricultural, automotive, heavy-duty, and commercial lubricants, Warren is the leading packager and mixer of lubricants today. Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama and North Carolina are home to six of the company’s packaging and production operations. Synthetic and traditional lubricants are manufactured and distributed by the company.

This oil’s versatility is another benefit, as it comes in various grades to meet the diverse needs of multiple cars. Gear transmission and engine components may malfunction due to using the wrong type of oil. As a result, Warren Oil Company offers a variety of oils, each tailored to the specific requirements of a particular vehicle.

Although Supertech is a well-known, high-end brand, its lubricants can be bought at a reasonable price. In comparison, other oil brands of the same grade as Supertech can be purchased for double or even triple the cost. It’s essential to check the label for the WPP before purchasing Supertech oil. Warren Performance Product is the name of the company that bears these initials. With the WPP mark, you can be sure that Supertech Oil has been thoroughly inspected and meets all of WPP’s requirements. Make sure you have purchased real Supertech oil, not a counterfeit. Make sure you are buying this oil from reputable sources.

Additionally, if you were to research it further, you will find that Supertech oil is also produced by two other motor oil manufacturers, Pennzoil and Exxon Mobil. The other two manufacturers are also well-known and well-respected in the oil industry.

Exxon produced Supertech in the early 2000s before the Warrens started making it. In 1999, Exxon and Mobil combined to form ExxonMobil (a reasonably straightforward name) as a result of the merger. It is expected to generate $178 billion in sales and employ over 70,000 people by 2020. The Mobil1 will be a stiff opponent to Supertech regarding production. 

In addition to improving performance, it is also a motor oil with many uses. In addition, the company’s past is littered with allegations of various infractions, oil spills, and benzene leaks.

On the other hand, Pennzoil is a packaging company owned by Supertech. It was founded in 1913 in Pennsylvania and operated as an independent business until now. However, Royal Dutch Shell (often known as Shell) purchased the company in 2002. Products including oil filters, synthetic engine oils, transmissions, and brakes are now available in yellow packaging.

History of Supertech oil

Starting at a modest price, Supertech oil is America’s most popular vehicle oil brand. It all started with the oil boom in the early twentieth century. Tennessee native William K. Warren began the business in 1992 as a way to make the most of his free time. Warren and his wife were the first and sole employees at the time.

The corporation became the world’s leading producer of natural gas and LPG in the 1950s. Over 2,000 people are employed by the company, which has six shipping facilities in the states of New Jersey, Florida, Texas and Alabama. A high-performance car can stay in peak condition thanks to their Supertech oil.

Does brand matter when choosing motor oil?

Many people believe that the more well-known the brand, the better the quality of the motor oil, and they tend to pay a premium for this. According to Blackstone Laboratories, all engine oils are interchangeable, but this may not be the case. This implies that as long as you select the oil that fulfils your vehicle’s weight and technical specifications, it doesn’t matter which brand you choose. A higher-priced oil may extend the life of your vehicle’s engine, but it may also result in less oil-sludge build-up.

Is Supertech any good?

If you still aren’t convinced, we have listed down the different reasons you should be using Supertech oil:

  1. Excellent quality

Supertech oil is one of the more affordable motor lubricants on the market today. As a result, many believe that the oil is of poor quality. However, if you consider that it has met all government criteria, it is of the finest grade. Additionally, the performance of the engine will also be improved. Your car won’t shiver in the fall because it does not thicken in cold temperatures. Lastly, your engine operates more effectively under extreme conditions because it doesn’t evaporate quickly.

  1. Reasonable pricing

Supertech Motor Oil is available at Walmart. The price of Supertech full synthetic SAW 5W-30 motor oil is around $20. Supertech oil is significantly more affordable than its competition. Alternatives may cost twice or even three times as much as a single container.

  1. Long shelf life

You may be curious about the shelf life of Supertech oil. According to the manufacturer, Supertech synthetic oil can last around five months. This is approximately 7,000 kilometres of driving. You must frequently replace this oil to keep your engine running smoothly.

  1. Compliant with all legal requirements

All have approved this motor oil’s formulation by the oil regulatory bodies. As a result, you can rest assured that you’re getting high-quality oil. If you are looking for synthetic oil that can withstand extreme heat and cold, go no further than Supertech.

  1. Environmentally-friendly

High-mileage vehicles benefit significantly from Supertech oil. Using it can extend an old engine’s life and improve its operation’s smoothness. Due to its formulation being environmentally safe, Supertech oil will not harm the environment.

  1. Licensed Dexos 1 Brand 

In case you didn’t know, Supertech oil is also a Dexos 1 brand-licensed lubricant. This motor oil will not void your vehicle’s warranty. Nevertheless, you should verify your car’s owner’s manual to see if Supertech oil meets the manufacturer’s specifications for motor oil.

  1. Multiple positive reviews

The best way to determine if engine oil is up to par is to put it through its paces and watch how it performs. Many happy customers have been running their vehicles exclusively on Supertech for hundreds of thousands of kilometres with hundreds of excellent ratings. The few negative customer reviews on the product page were all due to leaking bottles that buyers got in the mail. 

According to a Supertech synthetic oil review user, their car engines have been operating for 200,000 miles with this oil. Supertech oil is in the centre of the price range compared to the most expensive motor lubricants on the market. The difference between high-end and low-end oil brands is negligible in this price range.

  1. Achieved Not One, But Two Reputable Credentials

There are two certifications to consider when deciding on motor oil quality. The ‘API Starbust’ and the ‘API Donut’ are two different APIs you should be on the lookout for.

API Donut

The API Donut is a star stamp with “Resource Conservation” written around the bottom half of the stamp. In addition, “API Service” is written at the top.

In the middle of the stamp is the oil grade (i.e., SAE 5W-30). The term API stands for American Petroleum Institute. Any motor oil that bears the manufacturer’s seal has satisfied its high-quality standards.

API Starbust

The API Starbust is a star-shaped stamp with the words “American Petroleum Institute certified” around the star and “For Gasoline Engines” in the centre.

This certification is granted to motor oil that meets the International Lubricant Standardisation and Approval Committee (ILSAC) standards. 

This demonstrates that motor oil is safe for use in engines and has a good impact on emissions and fuel economy.

The API and ILSAC have both approved Supertech Motor Oil’s performance. That signifies that this lubricating oil is of the highest grade.

Does Using Supertech Oil Have Any Drawbacks?

While Supertech has several advantages, its disposal is hindered by the fact that it is full of synthetic oil. It’s not something that can be disposed of like engine oil. Since it can cause harm to the environment, you’ll require a specialised disposal method. 

Regardless of the brand, fully synthetic oils have the same issue. Supertech oil also has the 

drawback of having a shorter time between changes than other full synthetic oils. The use of Supertech is also not advised in the case of newly purchased automobiles.

It is also imperative to ensure that issues such as engine knocking and lifter ticks are taken care of. This can often be helped by the use of top engine additives on the market.

Can Different Brands of Motor Oil Be Mixed?

Mixing oils from different brands is not recommended. Oils made by different companies have varying compositions, which accounts for the discrepancy. Oils from other brands may have a variety of ingredients that could interact. Also, combining different viscosities of oil can damage the engine. The best action is to stick with the oil your vehicle’s maker advises. If your car is compatible with the new brand, you can switch to it, but don’t mix the brands.

Supertech vs Competitors

Other oils on the market have worked hard to gain a foothold in the market, but how does Supertech oil stack up against the competition? As long as the vehicle’s technical and weight criteria are met, the brand you choose may not matter as much. Sludge buildup in your engine will be reduced if you utilise high-quality oil. Here’s how Supertech Oil stands out from the competition.

Supertech vs Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is one of Supertech’s greatest rivals. It’s possible to question the difference between super-tech synthetic oil and Mobil 1. Some people believe that this brand’s superior quality justifies its higher price tag compared to Supertech. As a result of NASCAR’s official endorsement, this oil is a massive lure for buyers. Aside from price, there isn’t much difference between these two titans.

Supertech and Mobil 1 are environmentally friendly because they are naturally synthetic. As far as avoiding wear and damage in areas with a lot of friction, Mobil 1 oil is unbeatable. It may be because of this that it is more pricey.

Depending on the application, these oils can be used on any gasoline-powered engine. High-performance engines can run on either of these oils without issue. Prices are the most significant difference between Supertech and Mobil 1. Although Mobil 1 and Supertech oils are nearly identical in terms of features and quality, the latter is significantly more expensive.

Supertech vs Amazonbasics

Amazonbasics provides one of the most significant protections for engine components, and its quality is comparable to that of other industry leaders like Red Line and Castrol. Due to its exceptional qualities, its popularity has risen swiftly. This oil has the highest rating available in the United States, SN. It aids in improving fuel economy and safeguarding emissions systems and turbochargers.

Amazonbasics protects your vehicle from harsh temperatures, just as Supertech. However, Supertech motor oil performs somewhat better in the cold than AmazonBasics motor oil. Both motor oils are affordable because they provide long-lasting engine protection and are less expensive than most high-performance motor oils.

Supertech vs Others

In addition to the brands mentioned above, Supertech has competition from a number of other companies. Motor oil formulation varies from company to business, but the variations are not vast. Variables include viscosity, the type of additives used, and whether the oil is synthetic or conventional.

Other significant brands include Red Line, Pennzoil, and Amsoil. Pennzoil formulates various motor oils for multiple vehicle types and mileage requirements. This oil safeguards the engine’s critical components against sludge and buildup. The latter is of more outstanding quality and more economical than Supertech.

Amsoil is an eco-friendly corporation that formulates synthetic motor oils for life. These lubricants will safeguard the engine for up to 10 000 kilometres. It protects European automobiles and trucks. Red Line is a well-known, high-quality brand. Their composition is identical to that of Supertech motor oil. The differences between these brands are insignificant, however, Supertech is the most affordable.


We now know the answer to the frequently asked question, “Who makes Supertech oil?” Warren Company has been operating as a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality lubricants at an accessible price since the turn of the twentieth century. Despite the fact that Supertech isn’t considerably different from other lubricants like Mobil 1, its low cost makes it stand out. Oils in the United States have to meet strict standards, and this one does. So it is vital that you ensure you get the correct grade for your car at all times.


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