Tips for Buying a New Car

Recently promoted at work? You want to reward yourself. 

You are thinking of upgrading your current car or getting a new car.

It’s exciting to even think about that, right?

Canvassing a car is so much fun! 

But before you decide, read below to give you some food for thought before this major decision. 

Type of Car

What should you buy? Sedan, sport-utility vehicle, coupe, sports car, convertible, station wagon, van, hatchback?

A sedan is a traditional or typical car with four doors and a trunk.

The sedan is the most common type of car. The good thing with an enclosed trunk is security. Items stored at the trunk are not visible.

Thus, it’s not prone to burglary or breakage.  But of course, it is best not to leave valuable items in the car, whether it has a trunk or not. 

Knowing which type is the first you have to determine.

What was your previous car?

If you had a sedan, maybe you can now consider an upgrade for a sport-utility vehicle (SUV). 

SUVs also come in different sizes-small, medium, and large. 

Some single men opt for a flashier fancier sports car, a convertible, or a station wagon. 

Singles or couples also prefer two-door coupes. 

Are you a family man? Do you have kids? Do you enjoy road trips? Many family men buy bigger cars like a minivan or a full-size van.

It can comfortably seat at least seven people.

Plus, you can still have extra space for luggage and other items. Perfect for family road trips! So for bigger families, it’s good to have vans. 

Length and Width of Car

The average car length is around 4500mm.

Some people consider the length of the car before they buy a car.

Why? Because others have limited parking spaces. Other people don’t want the hassle of having a big car. There are many places with very small parking spaces and roads.

Thus, they feel that smaller cars can better fit the roads. 

Usually, recent smaller cars have also become gas efficient. If they want to save on gasoline costs, they opt for these smaller cars.

But others prefer bigger ones. With longer and bigger cars, you can bring more things.

You can ride more people. SUVs have the option of having a third row to accommodate two more passengers.

Thus, it gives the flexibility to have more people on board. Otherwise, that huge space at the back can still be used to transport bigger items. 

Brand and Make of Car

Some consumers are brand-conscious, while others are not.

For example, there are loyalists of Mercedes Benz or Audio.

They don’t want any other cars. The same goes for each brand of the car, where they also have their own loyal following. 

Style and Aesthetics

It is hard to find a car that got it all! 

But aesthetics seem to be a factor not to be overlooked at.

Many customers prefer to look at style and form. They want flashier cars. 

The car can have amazing features.

But may look odd or surprisingly low in its uniqueness and ‘wow’ factor. 

Color is also a factor. There are newer cars that try to offer more unique colors. 

Performance and Smoothness of Ride

Compare the performance and specifications of the cars.

If you can, test drive the car before purchase.

It’s always nice to get a feel for the car’s ride.

This way you can verify for yourself the claims the makers have. 

Functionality and Features 

Some customers like to decide based on value-adding features.

They prefer function over style.

Little details matter for many. Examples are captain seats, cupboards, lighting, dual airbags, etc.   

When you canvass for a car, check the extra features.

All extra features add to the tag price. If these matter to you, then go for that car! 

The higher-end cars also have leather seats.

If this is something you want, you can go for such models. 

But if you don’t need those extra features, go for the more basic ones.

You can save a lot of money. 

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a major consideration for many buyers.

Make sure you check out this fuel efficiency of the car you are buying. Compare each one. 

If you are always out on the road, consider fuel efficiency as one of your top priorities. 

Ease of Maintenance and Availability 

When you buy a car, consider the ease of maintenance.

Some car companies have manufacturing facilities in the country. Other cars are imported.

They can either be purely imported.

Or they only import the parts and assembly is done locally. 

Some customers consider this. They want to get cars that manufacture locally.

This way, spare parts are not hard to come by.

For problems with imported cars, you will have to wait several weeks before parts arrive. 

If this is not so much a consideration for you, then go for the car you truly dream of!

Where to Get Help in Choosing a Car

If you want to know more about different cars, we can help you.

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We have 20 years of automotive experience.

Our team had had work experiences in different aspects of the automotive industry.

Some have worked as mechanics. Others had been involved in the fine-tuning and upgrading of vehicles. Thus, we wanted to share what we have learned through our website. 

Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shop for anything that concerns automotive.

Feel free to contact us at The Automotive Men.


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